Information Security

Faced with cyber threats and regulatory obligations, the company must adopt a global approach in order to assess its risks, analyze its impact, take measures to ensure the continuity of its activities and optimize its governance.


  • Evaluer la capacité du système d’information à résister aux attaques informatiques (audit boîte blanche ou boîte noire,  audit intrusif,  audit de vulnérabilités,  audit de codes et audit organisationnel…)
  • Identifying the flaws and apply the corrective actions just in time.

Security audit based on information provided by the company. This audit provides a complete view of technical and organizational security. For example, it is useful to test a website before going online.

The company does not provide information about its information system. This audit provides a complete view of its technical security.

Remote security audit to test existing security and penetrate the corporate network. This audit can be performed from a given point in the network to see if it is possible to access other parts

It is a question of identifying the faults or weaknesses existing on the network at the level of operating systems, software, configurations of workstations or servers.

To validate the security of a program, testing any web application developed in HTML, PHP, ASP, Perl, Java, JavaScript, C, C ++, etc.

To appreciate:

  • Physical and organizational security Project
  • Supplier Security
  • Operational Security
  • Communication security…

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