• To Guarantee the continuity of the company's activity
  • To ensure regulatory compliance
  • To improve data security and protection
  • To become a more attractive partner due to its level of resilience

The PCA most often results from an analysis of the impacts of major risks capable of altering business continuity of the company's businesses.

These risks can be of various types: destruction of data, loss of production site by disaster, denial of service, telecom operator incident, loss of electrical energy, digital vandalism and many others.


To assess the system of an organization according to  ISO 22301 requirements

  • The Business Impact Analysis makes it possible to list the essential activities of the company, the key processes required for their operation, as well as the critical resources
  • Identification of the most serious risks that could compromise the continuity of essential activities
  • The business continuity strategy for each essential activity until reaching a normal situation
  • Continuous improvement and testing

Three reasons to choose AFNOR IT


Certified auditors and experts by international bodies such as IRCA, LSTI, ANSI, etc. You are assured of their ability to integrate your problems.


Whatever the size and activity of your business, you benefit from a targeted and tailor-made offer to meet your information security needs.


We have innovative tools to enable more efficient and comprehensive management for Information Security Management System (ISMS).